Be Now App: Meditation, Visualisation & Sound Healing

Be Now: Meditation, Visualisation & Sound Healing
I am the co-founder of the mobile app Be Now, a user-friendly app for guided meditation, visualization, and sound healing available in both Greek and English. As the co-founder, I played a key role in the app’s conceptualization and branding, helping to shape its core ideas and functionalities. I was also responsible for creating and implementing the strategic plan to guide the app’s development and growth. Additionally, I designed and developed the app’s website, ensuring a seamless user experience and effective online presence.

Yoga Class Chania web development
I developed a brand new website for the yoga studio Yoga Class Chania. I designed a website that would represent both the interior and atmosphere of the actual studio space as well as the welcoming and friendly personality of the owner and main Yoga instructor Angeliki Rempelou.

I also took care of improving the local SEO of Yoga Class Chania. I optimised the google My Business listing as well as the onsite and offsite SEO. Four months after the implementation of the strategy, Yoga Class Chania dominates all the results of its most important keywords: Yoga Chania and Yoga Class Chania. At the moment I am preparing the new website of the Yoga Studio.

Yoga Class Chania SERP

Yoga Class Chania SERP for the Keyword: Yoga Chania – April 2021

Yoga Class Chania SERP Brand name

Yoga Class Chania SERP for the Keyword: Yoga Class Chania – April 2021

Baan Unrak Restaurant

Baan Unrak Vegetarian Restaurant
The lovely Baan Unrak vegetarian restaurant is run by the Baan Unrak foundation, a non-profit organisation in Thailand whose primary mission is to provide food, housing, education, emotional support and opportunities to over 120 vulnerable children from Thailand and Burma including the neighboring Mon and Karen States. I created this mobile friendly website for Baan Unrak’s restaurant and also set up the sociel media channels for them.

KörperRaum Berlin

KörperRaum Berlin
In this project I was asked to help with the website performance and optimisation. Elena, the owner of KörperRaum Berlin wanted to improve the rankings of her business for specific keywords. She also wanted to increase the overall online traffic and bookings. I first did an SEO analysis to find the check the state of the on-site SEO of the site and fing the most important keywords. Then I setup the SEO strategy and plan to move forward. We’ve focused on improving the local SEO and increase the visibility for local searches. I also created and optimised KörperRaum Berlin’s Google Mybusiness page. As a result, in the first year, Elena saw an 285% increase in organic search views, 235% in maps views, as well as 120% increase in bookings.


Manolis Zografakis Creative Strategist - Digital Consultant
Gutkowskino is a beautiful, small Sicilian bistrot in the centre of Ortigia, in Sicily. They needed a fresh, simple, one-page website where the user would be able to find all important info fast and contact Gutkowskino to book a table. 


Dr. Liila Taruffi

Dr. Liila Taruffi - Website Design and Development
Dr. Liila Taruffi is an interdisciplinary music researcher, working at the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, and aesthetics. I planned Dr. Taruffi’s personal branding strategy and developed her personal blog. Finaly, I also took care of the onsite and offsite SEO as well as online presence.

the Travel Porter is a new Greek start-up, that empowers travelers around the world to discover a destination like a local enabling bookings of curated, unique and authentic tours and activities. My role is to provide hands-on mentoring in strategic planning, growth hacking, digital marketing and business development. I joined the project in April 2016 and from a May 1, 2016 to August 1, 2016 (compared to January 1, 2016 to April 1, 2016) there was a:

  • 655.09% increase in unique users
  • 473.20% increase in sessions
  • 217.06% increase in pageviews
  • 361,71% increase in organic traffic
  • 1,131.13% increase in social media traffic

tales & traces

Tales and Traces website creation by Manolis Zografakis - Digital Consultant
I recently worked for the interior designers tales & traces, who needed help defining their brand and building a new website for their business. I created a new responsive website according to their needs and preferences, and worked together with my partner Viktor Gountaras on tales & traces visual brand identity (logo, colour palets, typography). I also helped them understand and define their brand, and have a clear mission statement that reflects their work, values, and philosophy.

Find below Viktor’s design.

Dr. Sapountzis

Manolis Zografakis Creative Strategist - Digital Consultant
I worked for Dr. Stamatis Sapountzis, plastic surgeon, to built his brand’s visual identity and to create a modern responsive website for his medical practice. I took care of the website design and development, while my partner Viktor Gountaras, Open Jar Creative Agency’s art director, developed the visual aspects (logo, business cards, colour palets, typography).

In particular, our work aimed to differentiate Dr. Stam from the average plastic surgery websites, which are old fashioned and somewhat dull, maintaining a professional and highly aesthetic image. We wanted to present Dr. Stam in a unique way, playing with the idea of a plastic surgeon as an architect/designer of the human body.

Find below Viktor’s design.


Manolis Zografakis Project - Brompton Leather Bags
Citybici’s owner Jaime Dieppa contacted me earlier this year to come up with a product idea that they could sell via his website I worked closely with him to understand his website’s identity and traffic and to identify his buyer personas. After doing an analysis of the website’s statistics and leads I understood that his fans appeared to be very fond of Brompton bikes and Brompton accessories. I did focussed research to see if there was a gap in Brompton bags’ accessories market and I realised that there wasn’t a leather Brompton bag on the market.

Taking into consideration the luxurious nature of the Brompton bikes and the corresponding gap in luxurious Brompton bags, we decided to create a series of elegant leather bags especially made for the Brompton folding bikes. I helped him to set up the marketing strategy and campaign.

I also set up the SEO and inbound strategy for the leather bags, part of which has being already implemented by the Citybici team. Below you can see the video blog that Citibici created using the targeted keywords, ranking first for the major search terms ’brompton leather bags’.

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