Manolis Zografakis Project - Brompton Leather Bags

Project Details







Citybici’s owner Jaime Dieppa contacted me earlier this year to come up with a product idea that they could sell via his website I worked closely with him to understand his website’s identity and traffic and to identify his buyer personas. After doing an analysis of the website’s statistics and leads I understood that his fans appeared to be very fond of Brompton bikes and Brompton accessories. I did focussed research to see if there was a gap in Brompton bags’ accessories market and I realised that there wasn’t a leather Brompton bag on the market.

Taking into consideration the luxurious nature of the Brompton bikes and the corresponding gap in luxurious Brompton bags, we decided to create a series of elegant leather bags especially made for the Brompton folding bikes. I helped him to set up the marketing strategy and campaign.

I also set up the SEO and inbound strategy for the leather bags, part of which has being already implemented by the Citybici team. Below you can see the video blog that Citibici created using the targeted keywords, ranking first for the major search terms ’brompton leather bags’.