Hotel Gutkowski

Manolis Zografakis Creative Strategist - Digital Consultant

Project Details







Hotel Gutkowski is a beautiful boutique hotel situated in the old town centre of Syracuse, Italy. I visited the hotel last summer and I was positively impressed by its beautiful design and decoration, and at the same time unfortunately negatively impressed by its old-style website and its pure digital presence. I provided an initial consultation to the owner regarding their offline and online marketing strategy. I then set up the digital strategy and I was also asked to develop a brand-new responsive and user-friendly website and to deal with the SEO.

Hotel Gutkowski’s new website was launched in the beginning of June 2015 and 2 months later the hotel has experienced better search engine rankings in 3 important keywords and as a result a 30% increase in their organic traffic. Moreover, from June 2015 to January 2016, there was a 36.76% increase in direct bookings through its website comparing to the year 2014-2015. As you can see below, Hotel Gutkowski is currently (January 2016) ranking on the second position of google’s first page for the most important search terms ’Hotel Siracusa’.

As you can see from the graph below, in July and August 2015 the boutique hotel has experienced a 150% increase on its search engine visibility. The SEO strategy that I have developed is expected to bring better rankings in searches with strong keywords related to the hotel and the area and thus increased organic traffic.