I am an entrepreneur, creative strategist, personal branding and online marketing specialist. I love helping others achieve their goals by solving their problems and providing creative, results-driven solutions. As an entrepreneur and online marketing professional, I also like blogging about digital marketing, personal branding, the relationship between work and self-development and the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, alongside the various lessons I’ve learned over the past few years.

Manolis Zografakis Personal Branding and Online marketing Consultant

I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship since I was a kid. I used to disassemble my G. I. Joes (action figures) and reassemble them combining different parts from different figures to create my own unique toy soldiers. I also used to create my own buildings out of paper to house my G. I. Joes and Playmobil toys. I collected cards, comic books, coins and stamps and I used to sell them to my friends and at my school’s fairs. I had a specific strategy and line that I used to sell each item. Some years later, I realised that this strategy was what we now refer to as direct marketing. Before jumping into entrepreneurship, I became a professional musician. For several years, I put all of my creativity into music composition and in 2008 I released my own solo album. I have participated in several compilations and my music has also been included in movies and dance performances.

In 2010, I decided to move to London to obtain a Masters in Arts Management and Cultural Policy. In 2011, I founded London’s survival guide after realising, through taking my own lumps, how difficult everyday life in London can be. The initial goal of was to act like that friend you wish you had when moving to a new city, the one that helps you with all the important information you need. Nowadays, the audience of Broke in London includes all Londoners who want to know about tips and tricks for “surviving” in the capital. I am proud to say that Broke in London is now one of the most popular London guides, attracting more than 60,000 visitors per month. You can find various interviews that I have given in various media in the past years here.

Personal Branding and Online marketing Consultant

My passion for creative and strategic thinking, problem solving, digital marketing and entrepreneurship was the reason why I turned to consultancy. As I soon noticed that more and more people were asking for my opinion and advice, probably given my enthusiasm for advising and mentoring, I finally understood that providing professional strategic consultation to small businesses and entrepreneurs is what I am great at and what gives me happiness.

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